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31 May 2007 @ 13:40

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4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18


dearest for texture bases.

Comments are love, credit either stardust_rain or fallslikeicarus if you're taking.
Rhapsody the Bard: love as thou wiltrhapsody11 on 31st May 2007 13:31 (UTC)
Oi! I love 6 and the first banner :) Will take and credit.
Mariaphoenixwish on 31st May 2007 13:39 (UTC)
I'm trying to decide whether to use the 2nd or 3rd banner. Will credit when I use one, of course. :-)
heta_noitio on 31st May 2007 14:32 (UTC)
These are awesome. <3 I especially like the Orwell one. xD
✖psychic trainer✖: Cain x Trespandatchi on 31st May 2007 15:11 (UTC)
Grabbed #5 icon and #2 banner. Thank you much. They are lovely.
Luna, Mei or Rei take your pickunmei_no_laluna on 31st May 2007 17:21 (UTC)
:D Yoinking #5 Much love!
Razmatazxinexpressiblex on 31st May 2007 20:38 (UTC)
that which cannot be seentresa_cho on 31st May 2007 23:00 (UTC)
eskimopiecakeeskimopiecake on 31st May 2007 23:04 (UTC)
You know I saw the PotC 3 too and now I have so much more respect for that song than I did before. I think that movie was a gift from heaven to come out jsut in time to give us the supporting, uniting words we needed.
fallslikeicarusfallslikeicarus on 31st May 2007 23:07 (UTC)

For the first time in years when watching a movie, I got goosebumps when the boy started singing; when the others joined in and the penny dropped, I was at the verge of tears. Of course I mimed to it; and knew the lyrics. :D
xroaring on 31st May 2007 23:30 (UTC)
I saw it the DAY before this happened. creepy.
xroaring on 31st May 2007 23:30 (UTC)
taking 8 :DDDDDD
Cat: el jay scandal liek woahfemme_cat on 31st May 2007 23:52 (UTC)
Hee, taking the 6th icon. ♥
Saku: dragonflyarizonaicerose on 1st June 2007 00:04 (UTC)
Oh wow I'll be taking for sure though I still gotta decide which ones. I'll credit for sure!
karma_kalisutahkarma_kalisutah on 1st June 2007 01:20 (UTC)
Can you please post the base you used for the first seven? I wanna try my hand at some of these.
mysticrealm: leeloo multipassmysticrealm on 1st June 2007 03:09 (UTC)
Took number 6 w/credit. Thank you.
Lissasilverladys9sf on 4th June 2007 21:52 (UTC)
Snagging some. I love the lj name "fallslikeicarus." Fucking awesome.