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23 March 2009 @ 05:12
[vid] For the Restless - Merlin - Gaius  
Merlin; Gaius, gen, spoilers for all episodes.
For the restless: song by Tom Mcrae. I keep my secrets well; move on, never tell

First vid! Be gentle! *excited* Huge, epic thanks to bendtothesun for beta and critique. You've been wonderful in my newbishness.

(no title) -

Streaming at imeem
Download at mediafire, 40MB

Made in Sony Vegas Pro, took about 3 months to complete (including procrastination).
this is my way of looking at Gaius' sacrifice at the end of ep13, when he goes off to trade his life for Merlin's. One of his lines, "I have hope in the future they will create" really struck a chord in me. This vid is an attempt to look at that, in context with his morally grey past, his devotion to Uther and, what I believe, his hope for redemption.

And, this is my first vid, so feedback is hugely appreciated.

jungle_ride: Gwen (over the shoulder smile)jungle_ride on 23rd March 2009 05:23 (UTC)
O I LOVED it. You chose clips that went amazingly well with the lyrics. It held me captivated like a spell. I hope to see more Merlin videos by you in future because this was FANTASTIC! :D
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 03:50 (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much!

I am totally addicted to vidding already, exhaustive as it is.
jungle_ride: Arthur (since birth)jungle_ride on 26th March 2009 13:39 (UTC)
your most welcome.

being addicted totally a good thing ;-) looking forward to seeing your next stuff
darluludarlulu on 23rd March 2009 09:06 (UTC)
Brilliant editing and execution. If this masterpiece is your first vid ever, let me tell you, I *can't wait* to behold your second, third, fourth offerings and beyond.
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 04:11 (UTC)
Eeee, thank you!
The girl with the thorn in her side: Arthur = Love to watch him go!search_soleil on 23rd March 2009 10:14 (UTC)
This vid was awesome. I came into it pretty doubtful because, come on, Gaius? But you totally followed through with something skillfully crafted and utterly captivating.

One thing I'm wondering though: I was honestly surprised by the lack of Morgana in this vid. I mean, she's around, but I felt like there was more Edwin and Mordred than her. Am I just hallucinating? I kept expecting to see a more in depth look at the sketchy relationship between the two of them, and I was disappointed to see her only included in fragments. Were you avoiding using the obvious footage of her waking (i.e. literally being 'restless') or were you just not as concerned about that relationship because it's not as secret or as related to his past as others featured in the vid? This isn't a critique so much as it is curiosity to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, sorry for the random tangent. This is truly a great fanvid. Can't wait to see more from you!
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 04:28 (UTC)
Ah, thank you! But Gaius deserves more love, he's so morally dubious and conflicted. XD

As for Morgana, I didn't want to exclude her that much, but there's a reason she's not in it much. When I started on the vid, I was in the mindset of analysing Gaius' past, the subtle way it's creeping up on him and how it seems to weigh on his current decisions and motivations. The early draft actually had more Morgana, but eventually she just didn't seem to fit and there were other clips that worked better. And like you said, there's was also the problem of the clip/lyrics pairing being too obvious and literal which I tried hard to avoid.

I love Morgana as a character, but I here wanted to focus primarily on Gaius' past and the implications of that.
Amy: merlin: gwensuch_heights on 23rd March 2009 10:33 (UTC)
Wow, this is wonderful - I can't believe this is your first vid, that's seriously impressive! The motion in this is just gorgeous - the parallels you draw out and the movements of things falling, breaking, moving. They work so well with the music and you've put everything together beautifully. I loved the focus on Gaius here, and Nimueh and Uther, it's nice to see some different dynamics explored. This is really great, I look forward to watching it again.
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 05:27 (UTC)
Thank you!

I'm absolutely fascinated by the shady past of the Old Guard and how it's dealt with, and this was something I had a lot of fun working with. They're all so complex and layered and ethically dubious.
[c]: [merlin] ships: haunting pastnyaza on 23rd March 2009 12:39 (UTC)
oh, gaius love. ♥!!!

First, I think I'm kind of in lvoe with the song, which probably has little to do with you, however, it does settle a mood and and it shows in the vid , in the way everything just goes together. I really love the uther/gaius/nimueh interaction going on there as well as geoffrey. ♥

Gaius love ♥ <3333
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 06:42 (UTC)
Thank you! The song is amazing, and I'm completely head over heels for everything Tom Mcrae has done.

Gaius doesn't get enough love; he has such wonderful relationships in canon and it was great exploring them and don't hate on the Geoffrey, he's awesome
my cock still thinks you're a superhero: lips cheekbones neckerchief yesmumblemutter on 23rd March 2009 17:50 (UTC)
I *love* what you did with the repetition of "for the faithless and for the true believers" (Gwen's conflict! The flower! Uther's eventual downfall! So much foreshadowing!) The sequence around 2:35 was beautiful, with the different shades of meaning of "alive" so close together; I'm kind of ridiculously fond of the flower and the lake-rescue used in vids and I think you managed to give it a creative new spin. And of course, the first 15 seconds are just stellar. The song together with the epic, sweeping shots and the more dynamic cuts really draws you in. Fantastic work!
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 07:04 (UTC)
Thank you!

One of the things I loved most when vidding is re-reading lyrics and looking at all the different ways the words and phrases can be used with the proper context and clips, and how it changes the meaning. It was kinda experimental, and I'm glad it worked for you.
(Deleted comment)
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 08:11 (UTC)
Thank you so much!

It's sad that Gaius and Gwen don't get much screentime, but their stories exist in the past in the future and it's really fascinating to look at the subtext.
just abijustabi on 24th March 2009 03:39 (UTC)
I very much love this vid.
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 08:16 (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad it works!
AriadneElda: Merlinariadneelda on 24th March 2009 10:55 (UTC)
Great vid! And I'm really impressed that it's your first. :) Great editing and I loved the focus on Gaius, and Uther, and the way you fit lyrics and clips. I also liked that it wasn't clips I keep seeing used in a lot of other Merlin vids. Loved this and downloaded it so I can watch it again. :)
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 08:33 (UTC)
Thank you!
fabi: merlin/arthurtearful_eye on 25th March 2009 19:57 (UTC)
oh wow! this is so beautiful. i love the parallels you show & how focus on all the people gaius has touched in some way - ♥.

& WOAH, this is your first vid o_O very impressive, i can't wait for your next one!
oh, it's so amazing herestardust_rain on 26th March 2009 08:43 (UTC)
thank you so much!
mawkish simplicity: Hippie!Gaiustacitus_3 on 22nd April 2009 05:25 (UTC)
Wow. I'm usually not into fanvids, but this is absolutely beautiful. It all fits together so seemlessly, and it doesn't hurt that I've been dieing to see a Gaius vid. He's one of my favorite characters. This is perfect, thank you so much for making it. ♥

synonym spice!: seer&queenfiercynn on 27th April 2009 18:21 (UTC)
This is gorgeous – I’m astonished that it’s your first vid because it’s so intricate and subtle, and what a difficult song to vid to! Even besides the amazing way you portray Gaius and his relationships, his tragedies, and the way that everyone else circles around, I also love the visual parallels: everything falling at the beginning, gloves and gauntlets juxtaposed, the fire from Tristan burning to the flames of Arthur’s memorial candles, the egg cracking to the breaking of Tristan’s tomb, everything. Beautiful!
quoth_the_girlquoth_the_girl on 18th June 2009 17:56 (UTC)
This is shockingly beautiful. You are a wonder when it comes to editing! I take my hat off to you. :)
(Anonymous) on 13th December 2009 08:57 (UTC)
Um, heya. I've been watching the videos for the Camelot Video Awards but I have limited internet usage so I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to upload this to a streaming site? The imeem one doesn't seem to work and I'd love to see your video.
Esmeralda: OT4 // ye olde lotla_esmeralda_ on 25th February 2010 17:05 (UTC)
Coming to this late as late, but it's a fascinating character study (Gaius/Nimueh/Uther don't get enough exploration for such complex characters and relationships) and brilliantly edited - I love your imagery and constant fluid motion.