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30 July 2007 @ 20:43
[fanmix] set your hope on fire - harry potter - dumbledore/grindelwald  
Summer love, philosophical discussions, tragedy & betrayal, confronting the past and a last stand; the story of Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Before they wrote history, they wrote their own story.

This mix looks at the relationship dynamics, the slash, the pre-slash and even has a bit of character perspective thrown in for good measure.

Big-ass spoilers for DH.

oo . stars . the night starts here
the pleasure part
the after shock
the moment that
it takes to fall apart

the time we have
the task at hand
the love it takes
to destroy a man

"Albus was missing the company of lads his own age. The boys took to each other at once."
iron & wine . sixteen, maybe less
We were sixteen, maybe less, maybe a little more
I walked home smiling, I finally had a story to tell

franz ferdinand . the fallen
So they say you're troubled boy
Just because you like to destroy
You are the word, the word is 'destroy'
I break this bottle, think of you fondly

Albus Dumbledore, pride of the school with a blackened name. He's received more Outstanding's in his grades than the entire Ravenclaw House added together and would need all the hands of the Gyffindors to count the awards he'd won. He's brilliant and he's stifled, with a mad sister and a glaring brother.

Enter Gellert Grindelwald, who writes on walls and steals books about the Dark Arts, who flirts with the law and morality. He's just as brilliant but he's expelled; so there's a small chance of a decent future for him.

You cannot imagine how his ideas caught me, inflamed me."
o1 . the hush sound . we intertwined
In a field outside of town
We could always be alone
Carry a blanket, maybe a basket
And thats it
Innocence was the key
I was locked up never free
Until you turned me

Discussion and debate. Words exchanged over newspapers, cold drinks, ornament tables, in gardens behind the house or hidden places far away. One is seventeen, one is fifteen; they are two of a kind, geniuses speaking in a different tongue but they understand each other perfectly.

o2 . death cab for cutie . title track
I must admit I was charmed by your advances
Your advantage left me helplessly into you
I tried my best to keep my distance from your dress
But call-response overturns convictions every time
Lushing with hallway congregation
My best judgment signed its resignation

o3 . maxïmo park . obstinate ideas
the reddish mouth,
the reddish hair.
you said I loved the idea of you.

Mind games. Seduction. Their communication works in codes, with taunting smiles and quirked lips and raised eyebrows until neither are sure of who's capturing whom.

"The invincible masters of deaths, Dumbledore and Grindelwald! Two months of insanity, of cruel dreams...
o4 . franz ferdinand . evil and a heathen
There's not a lot
Not a lot I couldn't do

I like how you pretend
That the end will be the end
So fill your thirst
Drink a curse
To the death of death instead

o5 . the hush sound . a dark congregation
A fear that I cannot shape,
You dared to kiss the face
Of the night

It was probably Gellert who first mentioned the idea, but it doesn't really matter at this point. They would talk about the plans for hours, spreading out maps and books and letter; blueprints of the future. Albus disguises it all with eloquent masks quoting Utilitarianism and how the pro would balance the cons.
The Greater Good, after all.

Together they would have been unstoppable.

...and neglect of the only two family members left to me. And then...you know what happened. Reality came in form of my rough, unlettered, infinitely more admirable brother."
o6 . tegan and sara . burn your life down
Unfolding pieces of it faster,
Don’t you waste your time
You’ve been planning to remember,
So nothing will be lost in the end

And you burn, burn, burn your life down
And you burn, burn, burn your life down

I travel around the block and I’m not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
and I can’t see you in the light
I break my heart around this
break my heart around this

o7 . the arcade fire . burning bridges, breaking hearts
burning bridges, breaking hearts
i won't look you in the eye
burning bridges, breaking hearts
caught you in a friendship lie

o8 . the wallflowers . empire in my mind
I have known love somewhere in time
I've been lifted up
I look honor in the eyes
I have no reason I have no rhyme
I cannot deny
There's a darkness that's inside
I am guilty by design
And now I realise
That temptations made me blind

And then things fall apart.

A fight. An accident. The plans stop and the friendship stops, as quickly and as bluntly as it had began.

Ariana is dead and Albus had probably killed her, his brother probably hates him. Gellert has fled and that was as far as Albus Dumbledore ever got to Wizard revolution.

"He never extended his campaign to Britain."
o9 . alkaline trio . steamer trunk
And I'm trying to figure out
What you're all about these days
I don't have much to say to you
With your darkest secret safely packed away
Up in my steamer trunk

The years go by. Grindelwald is in probably East Europe, probably creating an army of dead people; just like he planned. Dumbledore has become a Professor of the most respected kind; not like he planned, but it's definitely for the better.

(And they both know what's keeping them apart).

"I delayed meeting him until, finally, it would have been shameful to resist any longer."
1o . vienna teng . hope on fire
Gotta leave, gotta bleed
You've gotta stop lying still
'Cause this is no kind of life
You don't need guarantees
You just want something to build
Before you turn to the knife

11 . ben folds five . smoke
Here's an evening dark with shame
Throw it on the fire
here's the time I took the blame
Throw it on the fire
Here's the time we didn't speak
it seemed for years and years
Here's a secret
No one will ever know the
reasons for the tears
They are smoke

Guilt and regret has tricks to chase a man, to make a man walk, and since there's a small chance of survival here Dumbledore walks into battle with his head high.

12 . andrew bird . the naming of things
You remind me of you
When you shot through
And broke my window glass
It happened so fast
I have to confess
I was impressed, I was impressed
Despite all the mess and the broken glass
I was impressed

It's almost a century later; their last stand (their last dance) come to an end, and Grindelwald is still the flirt, is still laughing as he admits defeat (as he crumbling down).

"They say he showed remorse in later years."
11 . maxïmo park . pride before a fall
Pride before a fall,
None of us are perfect figures.
Pride before a fall,
You made me reconsider.

13 . elliott smith . the biggest lie
You turned white like a saint
I'm tired of dancing on a pot of gold flake paint
Oh, we're so very precious, you and I
And everything that you do makes me want to die

14 . patrick park . past poisons
If you want me you know where I’ll be
Putting past poisons gently to sleep.

There’s a fire inside that makes your blood run.
The lovers who love you smell your smoke from your gun.
You keep your confusion to your hell made for one.

Grindelwald is in prison and Dumbledore is Headmaster; all is well in the end. The world did not change and the greater good still won, even if they can still taste bitterness and irony they've left behind (are leaving behind). Sometimes Dumbledore would visit, and they'd discuss Dante and Kant and leave out the bits they don't want to talk about. Sometimes, Dumbledore even smiles at him, a smile reserved for the outside world.


OK, I lied.

BONUS (read: crack) TRACK:

tears for fears - everybody wants to rule the world
Please don't AK me. I couldn't help myself.

.ZIP here
The end.

I didn't realise when I was putting the mix together, but it seems like I had some kind of subconscious theme of fire and burning stuff here. Ha ha.

Comment and I'll be really happy.
batteryinleg: ravenclaw is lovebatteryinleg on 30th July 2007 19:28 (UTC)
Downloading, thanks ^^
Jackie Lamagnifique: by me gellert grindelwaldtju_tju_tju_tju on 30th July 2007 19:46 (UTC)
AWESOME mix. I might download a few later.

(and YES to the bonus track)
(no subject) - blonde_cecile on 30th July 2007 19:50 (UTC) (Expand)
sex hamster: Harry Potter//Albus+Gellertnutmeg4077 on 30th July 2007 19:53 (UTC)
I'm dead.

You have absolutely marvelous taste. The art is gorgeous, too. I'll be downloading it when I get home. Thanks so much for sharing!
kim ; as constant as a northern star: Fred Winkassuringlynerdy on 30th July 2007 22:03 (UTC)
Downloading, thanks.
It's brilliant.
Rachel: snape - the snark lives oncinna_schtick on 30th July 2007 23:27 (UTC)
Oh, sweet! (More coherent comments after the download-age.)
Ramblings of a madman: Dumbledore (SL)ghostangel on 30th July 2007 23:51 (UTC)
I love this mix so much <3
Julia: ADGGyouokayhoney on 31st July 2007 00:56 (UTC)
Mmmm, love it. You beat me to the AD/GG mix idea, but I must admit yours is much better than the one I was going for. ;)
ϟ ℓαυяα: hp: hermione [and her big mouth]certifieddork on 31st July 2007 18:29 (UTC)
This looks great, definitely snagging!
likeapackage on 1st August 2007 02:23 (UTC)
that is so fantastic.
i only had three songs out of those and i swear, i downloaded the whole thing.

thank you.
the queen of the mountainluna_norvegese on 1st August 2007 15:36 (UTC)
Love the music and the absolutely gorgeous cover art. :) Downloading the zip file. Thanks!
morbidmoony on 2nd August 2007 04:06 (UTC)
Okay, first off, the mix is amazing. Second? The story you told with it is fantastic! Great job! :D
i say we faint together (magic, what else?): like the lost boysdeora_mystic on 2nd August 2007 10:44 (UTC)
lovely music so i'm dwldling :D

thank you!
the kenosha kid: handslashgyllespi on 3rd August 2007 03:06 (UTC)
You have no idea how much I love you for making this.

And no idea how much Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" makes me squee when applied to Grindelwald.

Because seriously, two precocious adorable teenage would-be benevolent dictators - IN LOVE?! - is the best idea ever. kthx.

(And yeah, I'm totally downloading. Thanks. :DDD)
one word for your fans: astronaut: fashion | i can't breathefalseeeyelashes on 3rd August 2007 03:21 (UTC)
This awesome. The cover art? Is killer, as are the song choices. Great work here.