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09 June 2007 @ 20:44
Post-humous and in retrospect, but what the hell.

Featuring: Andrew Bird, Elliott Smith, Deathcab, Tori Amos and more!

The mix is split into two parts. Part one is "battle music", aka the stuff for the strikethrough survivors, the general spirit of the rebellions. It's for anyone and everyone at innocence_jihad. Arranged in order of pace, beat and lyrics.

Part two is the chronological order of how the shit when down.

and fanmix for strikethrough

part i : see you at the bitter end

ani difranco WILLING TO FIGHT [o1]
tell me who is your boogieman
that's who i will be
you don't have to like me for who i am
but we'll see what you're made of
by what you make of me /.../
i fight fire with words
words are hotter than flames
words are wetter than water

travis PEACE THE FUCK OUT [o2]
now I don't know that your tie is straight
your words are crooked and you're gonna pay
in ten years time they're gonna say
that this was the momment when you threw it away

poe CONTROL [o3]
well you may be king for the moment
but I am a queen understand
and I've got your pawns and your bishops
and castles
all inside the palm of my hand

radiohead TALK SHOW HOST [o4]
you want me?
well fucking come and get me
i'll be waiting
with a gun and pack of sandwiches

please don't give me no warm reception
what you call peace to me is a call to arms
some are singing to raise affection
but this piece poetry is meant to do harm

break down the goverment walls
speak in tongues, power is money
i see our interests fall
well behind their curtain
break down the government walls
infiltrate our television
break down the government walls
time to be outspoken

...I don't know about you, but I'd rebel to this song and this song alone. Seriously, if you download one, download this one.

ok go INVINSIBLE [o7]
when they finally come to destroy the earth
they'll have to go through you first
i bet they won't be expecting that
when they finally come to destroy the earth
they'll have to deal with you first

Speaks for itself, really, and 6A certainly weren't expecting that. United, angry fans = fucking scariest people you'll ever encounter = the last enemy you'd want on the face of the intarwebs.

placebo THE BITTER END [o8]
you shower me with lullabies
as you're walking away
reminds me that it's killing time
on this fateful day
see you at the bitter end
see you at the bitter end

part ii: a minor no more

wizard of oz DING DONG! THE WITCH IS DEAD [o1]
ding dong, the witch is dead
which old witch?
the wicked witch

Grab your pitch forks, lock up your houses and gather up the firewood! The hunt is on! Welcome to the Salem/USSR/1984 CROSSOVER OF DOOM.

tori amos MR . ZEBRA [o2]
hello mr. zebra
ran into some confusion with a mrs. crocodile
furry mussels marching on
she thinks she's Kaiser Wilhelm
or a civilized syllabub to blow your mind

Well, OK, some confusion is undermining it. It's more like "wtf is going on" confusion. In which Mrs Crocodile = 6A. But that should be an obvious metaphor. Putting the sharp teeh aside and false-concern, what else has a mouth big enough to stuff so many feet in?

and I believe
this may call for a proper introduction, and well
don't you see?
i'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue

the shins KNOW YOUR ONION! [o4]
but when they're parking their cars on your chest
you've still got a view of the summer sky

But among the confusion, fandom bands together, very suddenly and very unexpectedly.

things are not so different in my vocal master
you're the face that launched one thousand shits
greeks and trojans and the thousand shits
the shits lining the shores of asia minor
lining all the shores of asia minor
you can tell that I'm not a minor in asia no more
i'm standing up

Greeks and Trojans: all fans in any and every form and shape, from opposite sides of elljay. Shippers? Check. Anti-shippers? Check. Writers, aritsts, lurkers, graphic makers from every corner and every edge of fandom?


tori amos ANGELS [o6]
with a wink and a smile
you toss your instructions on
how to catch a train while it's moving
you always were the one
that kept us all guessing
how you could survive the fall you had

Oh, LJ. The fans still love you, just not as much now. And definetley not the way you do things nowadays, because you're sliding down the quality slope like a skiier on a 45-degree hill strapped with a propellar. How has 6A screwed you up, you poor beggar.

the shins MINE'S NOT A HIGH HORSE [o7]
after that confrontation
you left me wringing my cold hands
we shared some information
we might not recover from
will i watch your convictions
melt like ice cubes in an ocean?
you were so poorly cast as this malcontent

death cab for cutie FOR WHAT REASON? [o8]
this won't be the last you'll hear from me: it's just the start
/.../ brace yourself: I'm bent with bitterness
we can’t foresee

when your apologies fail to ring true
so slick with that sarcastic slew
of phrases like "I thought you knew"
while keeping me in hot pursuit

So Mr CEO apologises. An apology full self-righteousness and condecension in that, with hardly enough meaning. But we're angry and we're united and we're not so easily pleased.

pete yorn POLICIES [o9]
policies drive vacations
don't take the low road
clearly think/clearly see
it's gonna take you over

TOS is changed, journals are promised to be un-deleted, rules are rewritten and done so in the favour of our dear Mr. Barak. But what does the new TOS imply? Does 6A/LJ get to delete whomever they think are threatening? And why the hell did LJ line up with extremists a batshit insane organsation?

elliott smith WOULDN'T MAMA BE PROUD? [1o]
there's a silver lining in the corporate cloud
and the pretty post that you're taking as
as an NCO of the great pretender
i should sure think so

And then. And then the story becomes full circle. 6A is getting IPO, used MFI as a convenient excuse to do a Stalin. So they pressed the bahLEETE button screeching "think of the childreeeeeen!" while counting their future! now-non-existent!$$$.

andrew bird FIERY CRASH [11]
and to save all our lives you've got to envision
the fiery crash
it's just a formality
why must i explain?

The fatal flaw in 6A get-rich-quick plan was that they failed to see the consequences of the sacrifice. Overnight millionaires? Hur hur hur.

sonny rhodes BALLAD OF SERENITY [12]
take me out to the back
tell 'em i ain't coming back
burn the land and boil the sea
but you can't take
the sky from me

The lesson of this little tragedy? Never piss of fandom. As in never piss off fandom, because we can really fuck your shit up.

extras: for shits and giggles.

murder by death DEAD MEN AND SINNERS

Theives and beggars, haul together! Hoist 'em colours!

The obligatory pirates track. Except it's not PotC because as much as I love that song and clip, it's been overused. So you get something that has pirate chanting and cello. Besides,

i know i'm selfish, i'm unkind
sucker love i always find
someone to bruise and leave behind

6A/LJ DOMInant-RECCESSIVE OTP FOREVAAAH! This is for the absoluteley wonderful 6/L fic someone wrote in that news post.

margot and the nuclear so so's PAPER KITTEN NIGHTMARE

It has lyrics, but none are needed. Why? Because.


and with much thanks to ladybrighid3333 we now have:

the end.
Thank you and good night! Comments are love.

never shall we die and forever shall we live like pirate!zombies.
-=Bagel Luvs You=-: zompairebagelwhore on 10th June 2007 15:28 (UTC)
Y! ^0^
me gusta mucho!!!
this is the best strikethrough fanmix i have seen
No Apologiesaidenfire on 10th June 2007 15:52 (UTC)
Any way we could get a zip of this? Looks great and I want everything! :)
fallslikeicarusfallslikeicarus on 10th June 2007 16:05 (UTC)
right now my internet is slow and crappy, and uploading big files is difficult. I'm kinda hoping that someone will be kind enough to upload one for me, otherwise I'll get one up before Thursday.
No Apologiesaidenfire on 10th June 2007 16:07 (UTC)
ok. :)
N.onibasu on 10th June 2007 17:11 (UTC)
This is fantastic! thank you! Downloaded the songs I don't have, and I abbsolutely adore the paper kitten nightmare. ANY song in which they sing "meow meow meow meow" wins my love, I''m easy like that. :D
ex_snuddles368 on 10th June 2007 19:32 (UTC)
This mix is BRILLIANCE. Taking what songs I don't already have. :D
vik⋅tor⋅e⋅uh: stock 'burning'southerncharmfa on 10th June 2007 21:50 (UTC)
Okay, I've seen dozens of these mixes but yours kicks all the others to pieces just for making me smile on a truly dreadful day...

...and you used 'Ballad of Serenity', so you get major cool points for that too.
pretentioustfu on 11th June 2007 00:37 (UTC)
This is great! *goes to download and thanks you profusely* ♥
TeaRoses: Eileenrosehiptea on 11th June 2007 01:29 (UTC)
This is great. I downloaded several of the songs. Thank you.
You can get there by candlelightleap_at_sun on 11th June 2007 02:40 (UTC)
Amazing. Took a few, as they rocked very much.
i was not naked: Dark. Eerie. Criminal Doctor.antistar_e on 11th June 2007 03:57 (UTC)
Clever! Nice cover art, great song choices. This rocked (literally and figuratively.) =D
Emmyladybrighid3333 on 11th June 2007 05:27 (UTC)
Downloaded...and did you a favor, separated by "album" in one rar/zip:


don't try this at home: SGA the precious is losst! (me)enigel on 11th June 2007 19:33 (UTC)
Thanks to both of you for making and uploading respectively! Can't wait to listen to it. (Took the rar version.)
fallslikeicarusfallslikeicarus on 11th June 2007 20:35 (UTC)
You're absoluteley wonderful. Thank you so much!
Tindómielluthien13 on 11th June 2007 06:30 (UTC)
Good stuff! I don't know why the "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" song seems like such an utterly brilliant choice, but I'm sure it'll come to me.
tastyfusionfare on 11th June 2007 09:25 (UTC)
Great mix!
she makes her own dystopia as she goesbedlamsbard on 12th June 2007 00:55 (UTC)
Dude, this looks awesome. Snagging the zip, and thank you!
help, i'm alive ;;odakota_rose on 12th June 2007 03:00 (UTC)

Grabbing a bunch of these
I work, I function like i'm a girl.: chucksokelay on 13th June 2007 04:58 (UTC)
nice mix, definitely taking!
cj: aaron jasinski - a little nachtmusikactiasluna on 16th June 2007 17:15 (UTC)
I love this mix. Thanks muchly. :)
braintastic on 16th June 2007 23:11 (UTC)
awesome! am snagging the zip, thanks very very much! :D
Anya: guinnessanyamartinez on 23rd June 2007 08:54 (UTC)
These are great. Thank you very much!
Jagz: OMG 2 Black and White PP's!found_then_lost on 12th July 2007 16:07 (UTC)
Nice! Didn't think you could make a fanmix for something like this but you kicked it's ass!

And extra praise for using the phrases for shits and giggles. *high five*
I'm a balancing force of maturity... Or not  ;)erinm_4600 on 14th October 2007 00:51 (UTC)
snagging track list :)
I'm a balancing force of maturity... Or not  ;)erinm_4600 on 14th October 2007 00:55 (UTC)
btw, this:

The lesson of this little tragedy? Never piss of fandom. As in never piss off fandom, because we can really fuck your shit up.

made my day! :)
Creep of the Week!: Zackcreepy_crawly on 23rd October 2007 23:31 (UTC)
*paws* Re-up? Re-up??? *big, soulful eyes*
...Never show 'em your source code...: To Do List LJangelfirenze on 20th February 2011 00:53 (UTC)
Ooh, I'm so curious. Might I ask for a reupload if you still have it?